Financial Services and Banking

Financial Services companies execute a massive volume of transactions with millions of customer requiring 24/7 uptime.

Our solutions, technology and consulting for financial markets institutions can help you to re-engineer for profitable growth and optimise enterprise risk management.

Key areas of understanding and expertise that we offer our clients are:

  • Up time and availability through critical infrastructure
  • Real-time, transactional level monitoring and reporting.
  • Technologies required for compliance
  • High performance Compute and Data analytics
  • Data Archiving and retention

Case Study

Caledonia is an independent global investment manager, managing private and institutional assets within a single long short equity strategy with offices in Sydney and New York.

Focus Group Technologies were engaged to design and supply a redundantly cooled server room solution for their upcoming move. The components of the solution were:

  • Dual 10KW Water Chilled APC Inrow cooling units
  • 3 x APC Netshelter Racks
  • 6KVA extended run-time UPS
  • Netbotz monitoring system with water leak detection

Financial Services and Banking Customers