The Challenge

In 2019, network security is primarily focused on protecting networks against cyber-attacks and as a result, administrators often inadvertently overlook the constant danger from environmental threats.

Protection from environmental threats brings a crucial layer of physical security to any IT environment—big or small—by constantly monitoring and protecting your IT assets from environmental threats and human error.

Being immediately aware of air conditioning failures, fires, leaking pipes, smoke, condensation, and other hazards gives you time to respond to problems before they become catastrophic—and when human error is a factor, recorded video clips show you exactly what happened.

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Staff simply cannot be available 24/7 to oversee your equipment, hence why it is so important to have an appropriate environmental monitoring solution in place.

Features of Environmental Monitoring:

·      Perfectly suited for Edge environments or Remote office with no personnel

·      Rack- or room-level environmental monitoring inside densely packed racks or remote network closets for temperature, humidity and other environmental

·      Video surveillance clips on each aisle, working in conjunction with rack access alerts

·      Leak monitoring wherever fluids can cause you harm

·      Video Surveillance with motion detection

·      Email, SMS or an SNMP trap sending when issues are detected

·      Recording of all critical systems condition in data and event log which can then be used for capacity planning and trending

·      Third party sensor monitoring for chillers, generators, windows, chemical processes, etc

·      Centralised monitoring and management of multiple configurations

Putting it into practice

Focus Group Technologies designed and implemented an environmental monitoring solution for a large financial institution consisting of the following:

·      Centralised Monitoring Appliance

·      Complete monitoring for 8 racks including:

·      Temperature and humidity

·      Door access monitoring (front and rear)

·      Leak detection

·      Motion-activated cameras in the front and rear aisles

If you would like to discuss an environmental monitoring solution for your IT network, why not give us a call today!